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An independent, boutique firm dedicated to business law, providing speedy, practical and tailor-made answers and strategies, thanks to high technical expertise and a collaborative approach that can rise to each of your challenges, creating growth and value through solutions designed for you.

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Business law

With renowned expertise and competence, working in a technologically secure environment, our firm acts as sole point of contact for businesses and their top management, to steer and deal with multiple legal (or judicial) issues while providing personalised responses that are fully in line with their strategy.

Our firm is able to deal with each of the tasks entrusted to it, while ensuring efficiency, through pragmatic, secure, operational and always tailor-made advice.

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Real estate law

SALMON AVOCATS intervenes on behalf of building management agents, whether professionals or non-professionals, in all aspects in the life of building co-ownership associations. Enrolled as Real Estate Transaction Agent, we can carry out all real estate transactions on behalf of our Clients, in accordance with the rules governing the professional ethics of Attorneys.

We also assist clients in the management of commercial and/or professional leases.


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We assist and accompany our clients in their development transactions, acquisitions, disposals, project structuring and restructuring, private equity transactions, shareholders'agreements.

. Equities and securities transactions, business transfers, lease rights, successor agreements, follow-up and management of negotiating strategies, management package, consideration as to the governance strategies to be put in place.

. Managing the legal secretariat: standardisation of corporate documents, putting in place the timetable for approving the annual financial statements, drafting corporate documents, transferring the registered offices, creating French or foreign subsidiaries, replacing corporate officers. We offer accompaniment in constructing and defining corporate governance

. Reorganising legal structures: full asset transfers, inter-company lease of businesses to management. Carrying out and following up on all formalities with the tax authorities or the registrar of the business register in France and abroad thanks to our correspondents. Targeted legal watch (laws, regulations or case-law)



The law is now as much a tool as an ally for businesses, with the attorney as “business partner/business unit” in compliance with his professional ethics which impose a rule of “independence and confidentiality”, in order to coordinate and secure the processes of decision-making and the contractual framing of exchanges.

.Digitizing the legal activity by the use of Legaltech: electronic signature, dematerialised platform for correspondence and data room, digital management of the corporate life of undertakings and/or groups, M&A transactions, etc.

.Steering/Coordination of complex legal transactions

. Out-sourced legal department: corporate legal matters, securing of the undertaking's contractual documentation, pre-litigation prevention and management, development of the legal culture within the undertaking. Drafting of commercial contracts



SALMON AVOCATS accompanies its clients and engages alongside them when faced with particularly difficult situations: degraded economic (or social) environment, weakened partners, dead-end partners...

This global approach, based on anticipating needs and difficulties, will take on its full scale during the current health crisis, when businesses need to match their resources to prospective payments that have been postponed but which, inexorably, will get closer and become payable once again. There are solutions, but they have to be prepared.

Our litigation practice, mainly aimed towards operations led by SALMON AVOCATS, make it possible to take stock of these reversals – all the better to anticipate them – and provide the most suitable responses.

. Accompaniment before the courts and tribunals, in relations with court-appointed receivers and administrators and procedural bodies, from the prevention of difficulties, through the opening of proceedings, and up to the putting in place of exit solutions (insolvency recovery plan, business continuation plan, restructuring plan, etc.)

. Definition of the perimeter, preparation of the recovery plan, filing of the offer and relations with the procedural bodies until adjudication to the identified client

. Management of conflicts between shareholders: strategic advice to apprehend the situation, identify the risks and manage the crisis exit.

Real Eastate Law



Sale | Reallocation of assets

Executive wealth structuring

Search for assets, judicial auctions

Real Eastate Law



Collecting co-ownership charges (from notice of breach, through the registering of mortgage, to the attachment of real property)

Managing disputes in the general meeting of co-owners

Works (communal areas, exclusive-use areas, authorised/unauthorised, etc.)

Following up on expert appraisals (court-ordered, agreed, or for insurance purposes)

Real Eastate Law



Intervention for the benefit of landlords or for tenants

Negotiation and drafting of leases, deeds of sale/sublet, negotiated termination, renewal, eviction

Assistance in all proceedings concerning leases